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Monday, November 13, 2006

of names

Though Shakespeare (rather who ever) said what's in the name; we always associate a lot to the names and surnames. Back in the old times when Doordarshan was not eclipsed by hundreds of cable TV channels, a super serial "Surabhi" was telecast. It touched so many hearts that people started naming new-born movies by the serial's name.

Another wave hit the coast in the early 90s when Aishwarya Rai won the Miss World (or MIssUniverse?). Several new born babies were named 'Aishwarya'. Here is a story of an 'Aishwarya'. A young girl named 'Aishwarya' was always asked by her friends, school-mates, relatives whther she is named after Aishwarya Rai. Her answer was 'No'. Many kept silent on this answer. Some further asked if she was named after the Queen Aishwarya of Nepal. This kept going on for days. Finally, one of her teachers guessed the true meaning. 'Aishwarya' means wealth, prosperity. The girl was indeed very happy to find meaning of her name appreciated.

Such is the sentiments with names. The latest I heard was a new serial that is going to start. It is named "Ravan". Need I say which wave is going to hit us?

Monday, November 06, 2006


"There is no branch of mathematics, however abstract, which may not someday be applied to the phenomena of the real world." - Nikolai Lobachevsky

"God does not care about our mathematical difficulties - he integrates empirically" - Albert Einstein

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Read the complete source from: Pune Caught in a Whirlpool

"Mumbai, the economic capital of the country has a population of 170 lacs has 11.5 lacs vehicles.
Pune has a population of 30 lacs and has more vehicles - about 13 lacs."

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Monday, August 21, 2006

ah Mumbai

Few years back the Mumbaikars displayed their utter ignorance to Science by offering milk to Ganesh idols in the city. One would wonder how a large number of people believed that the idols are drinking milk. There was reason to believe that this could happen once. Alas, it happened again when people started to believe that dues some Godman's grace the water of Mahim beach has turned sweet. I am absolutely disappointed.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

random thought

Being very practical is not always practical.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Mr. recruiting consultant,

This is with reference to your mail about the excellent opportunity in your company. I am facing extreme trouble controlling my emotions. I do not want to waste more time of mine and wish to convey that stop bugging me. You are absolutely not going to get my updated profile.


Mr. Recruiting consultant wrote:

Hi soud

we have shortlisted your cv and wanted to see u in person if u are intrested send me your updated profile to discuss in detail


of gaps

I have observed one thing since childhood. The obituary for celebrities always says that the gap created by the person's death would never fill up completely. Most of the times I could not see the gap. I would not go into specific cases for the dead ones not come to haunt me. As I grew up I realized that there were some gaps. One such gap is Kishor Kumar. Today's his birth anniversary and Radio Mirchi has been kind enough to play his songs for an hour.


It is said that both Fidel Castro and his brother Raul Castro are not seen since last few days. Despite US being so strong and everything the Castro have been able attract lots of media attention for years.


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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

sudden memory

Few years back a very hillarious TV serial was aired on to the idiot box called "Dekh bhai dekh". The eldest member of the family was a peace loving person who talked the least. One episode was focussed him where he suddenly starts creating poems. Nobody in the family appreciates much though. I suddenly remembered one of them, which goes like:

bhor ke ujaale mein;
apne ghar ke baade mein;
ek kabutar dolta hain;
kaano mein kuchh bolta hain;

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

world e-book fair is hosting a month long book fair. One can download some of the ebooks from there.

Fermat's last flight

Taken from a post by Steve Simmons ( in alt.folklore.computers:

Some famous mathematician was to give a keynote speech at a conference. Asked for an advance summary, he said he would present a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem--but they should keep it under their hats. When he arrived, though, he spoke on a much more prosaic topic. Afterwards the conference organizers asked why he said he'd talk about the theorem and then didn't. He replied this was his standard practice, just in case he was killed on the way to the conference.


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