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Thursday, October 27, 2005

I hate it

I hate it. You get up in the morning before the newspaper arrives. Wait for it. The newspaper arrives without making much sound. You pick it up before your roomies can. All this to find that the communists' party is demanding right to go on strike for IT sector employees. This is one sector where people don't have to shout loud to get things working, abusive language is not used, people talk politely about their problems. IT companies have been outperforming the traditional markets. And now comes the strike option. So political parties get a chance to get into these companies. Each company would have number of unions connected to different political parties. And the effect? Employees of a BPO go on strike stopping the critical support work of their global clients. And the whole world knows about it. They know that outsourcing work to India has more side effects than the cost advantages.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Akdam Bakdam

Preparing presenations and writing documents has been slowing down my brains over the week. Writing code remains the most mundane task. Even though we are sure that the code one is writing is going to be buggy, it is ok because we can see some action. Few things would work and few would not. Then you can use your debugging skills and make it work. It makes you happy when it works (though, you know that it should have worked in the first shot).
Sachin Tendulkar is back in action and with a good half century. While I sit and write this, I think that I would have better done watching his inning.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

enter winter

Since early morning I am feeling that the winter is going to start soon. A chill could be experienced as soon as I woke up. (It caused me to sleep some more).

Sunday, October 16, 2005


In mathematics world, there are situations when we reach a degenerate solution. It means that while making way to the real solution we have reached a state from where we cannot proceed to find the real solution. In real life, some people reach such degenerate state and commit suicide. These people have either reached such a state or they think that they have. I have always found it difficult to understand the state of mind, in which a person can think of hurting himself. And especially when I have seen/known the person.
On a lighter note, the super test match between World XI and Australia has ended in a tame result. Australia, though weaker than before, has displayed that they have sorted out the winning strategy better than anybody else. The concept of having a World XI team has lost meaning.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


A popular bar had a new robotic bartender installed.

A fellow came in for a drink and the robot asked him, "What's your IQ?"

"150," the man replied.

So the robot proceeded to make conversation about Quantum physics, string theory, atomic chemistry, and so on.

The man listened intently and thought, "This is really cool." The man decided to test the robot. He walked out the bar, turned around, and came back in for another drink.

Again, the robot asked him, "What's your IQ?"

The man responded, "100." So the robot started talking about football,baseball, and so on.

The man thought to himself, "Wow, this is really cool." The man went out and came back in a third time.

As before, the robot asked him, "What's your IQ?"

"50," the man replied.

"So, you gonna vote for Bush again?" the robot asked.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you're finished, you'll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird... So let's look at the bird and see what it's doing -- that's what counts. I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.
-- Richard Feynman


Roy Keane may quit Manchester United at the end of the season. It will be slightly unfortunate if he does so. He has been playing good, and should be able to continue.